Follow The Flag 2009

This is one of the most moving and exciting events USECC has done and you will surely want to be a part of this.

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Many remember seeing footage of a shredded American flag at Ground Zero, it was gently fluttering looking as wounded as almost everyone else in our nation.

It is incredible that we will have this flag at summers end and take it on a three state trek to the Little Sioux Boy Scout Camp for our annual 911 outreach project.  After the flag was taken down and kept by one of the construction engineers at Ground Zero, it was taken to Greensburg, Kansas last year on our 2008 911 outreach.  

Of the few buildings left standing by the deadly EF-5 tornado that destroyed 95% of the town, one was the local nursing home.  The flag, 32×17, was gently laid out and with all the care of the arthritic and tender hands of the senior citizens, they respectfully stitched it back together.  


The flag was in very delicate condition and still had some major holes.  Not a problem for these senior saints as they obtained flags from the local veterans, legionnaires and Boy Scouts to patch our 911 Old Glory up.  In addition they supplemented her strength by adding a frocking to her as well.  

As you can see in the photo above, it served as the backdrop for our Sunday Memorial Service.  This flag will now come to our office in Decatur, Illinois August 26, 2009, in preparation for one of the greatest travels we at USECC have ever been involved in.  

A special glass casing is being assembled and the Flag will be displayed at a dinner Friday, August 28.  Saturday, August 29, a motorcycle rally was already planned and will now also accommodate the Flag.  We will ride in formation with escort to Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield for a salute and tribute at Oak Ridge Cemetery in the triangle that is home to the WWII, Korean and Viet Nam memorials.  

Monday we will begin the trek to Little Sioux by way of several stops in Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.  This is the only project we have ever announced without the full details decided.  We have contacts with three states governors’ offices and other stops along the way for receptions and tributes.  We know of at least one state’s governor who will receive the Flag along the way.  

We are also in contact with multiple law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies that will participate in the journey.  The Illinois State Police has already joined the ranks and will provide escort for a part of the journey.  Our planning team is in the process of also contacting every Veterans group, Boy Scout Troop, and motorcycle club along the route to join us for part of the procession.  

As everyone knows who is familiar with our work, we do not post information until everything is secure.  However, in this case, the dynamics are changing on almost a daily basis and new organizations are offering their support so quickly we need to get this event announced with the condition that you “stay tuned for details”.  Stops and events will be added as they are finalized.  

If you would like to be a part of this or help financially sponsor part of the overall event, please contact us at once.  This is literally exploding as people find out and want to assist.  We covet your prayers as we continue the planning and finalizing of events.  This will be a major undertaking and help will be needed as the summer progresses.  

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance.  God Bless to all………..
Chaplain Steve


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